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Heartwood Storytelling Project Aired on WFHB! Listen here!

If you made it to this year’s 25th Anniversary Forest Council you may have noticed the StoryCore style project we were working on that was set up for folks to share their Heartwood stories from the past. WFHB, a Bloomington Indiana radio station,  aired an hourlong segment of the stories we collected from these sessions.  Special thanks to Myke Luurtsema for conducting the interviews and coordinating the project. Please check it all out on the link below!


Victory at Land Between the Lakes

Victory at Land Between the Lakes: Pisgah Bay Project is Cancelled!  (FROM Member Group – Kentucky Heartwood) Dear Friends, It is with great excitement that we share this wonderful news. The Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes has agreed to withdraw the Pisgah Bay Project! This means that 3,596 acres proposed for commercial logging, including more than 1,500 acres of regeneration harvests, will be spared. We began our effort opposing the Pisgah Bay Project last March when the initial proposal was released, and spent a lot of time over the past year documenting the project area, fighting to get
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Heartwood MiniGrants for the Fall of 2015 Apply NOW!

Heartwood MiniGrants for the Fall of 2015 Apply NOW! Application Deadline: September 1st, 2015 Mini-Grant Recipients Announced: October 1st, 2015 Award range: Up to $1,000 per project About Heartwood Mini-Grant Program: The purpose of the mini-grant program is to provide funding for activists who need it. The Mini-Grant program seeks to provide funding for creative efforts and ideas fomented by Heartwood members and member-groups. Efforts and ideas could range from Heartwood’s roots as a forest protection organization to current efforts to stop mountain-top removal, fracking and biomass projects to sustainable living projects to new ideas we have not considered at
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