20th Annual Heartwood Reunion: A Change of Heart, A Chain of Hearts

By Heartwood
In September 10, 2015

20th Annual Heartwood Reunion: A Change of Heart, A Chain of Hearts

Friday, October 9th – Monday, October 12th The Lazy Black Bear, Indiana

What if one gathering had the potential to change the trajectory of the whole human experience? Would you be there?


Join us October 9th-12th for the 20th Heartwood Reunion, a special four-day event, at the Lazy Black Bear in southern Indiana. Come prepared to journey deeper. In addition to joy-filled time with friends, great food, music, and beauty that you expect at a Heartwood Reunion, our program will also tackle some of the most pressing and difficult questions of our times… What are the root causes of the problems facing our species and our planetary home — going deep, past the symptomatic threats we deal with on a daily basis, to the underlying pathologies and dysfunctions of the human spirit that produce them? What is the vision we hold in our hearts of how it should be — how it might be: how we would like to see ourselves and those that will follow living on this green and fertile Earth? How do we get there from here?

It is not a change of law or economic system or political governance that can bring about the changes we seek only A CHANGE OF HEART a critical mass leading to a chain reaction A CHANGE OF HEART A CHAIN OF HEARTS Join us

People helping people protect the places they love.