Victory at Land Between the Lakes

By Heartwood
On July 16, 2015

Victory at Land Between the Lakes:

Pisgah Bay Project is Cancelled!

 (FROM Member Group – Kentucky Heartwood)

Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement that we share this wonderful news. The Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes has agreed to withdraw the Pisgah Bay Project! This means that 3,596 acres proposed for commercial logging, including more than 1,500 acres of regeneration harvests, will be spared. We began our effort opposing the Pisgah Bay Project last March when the initial proposal was released, and spent a lot of time over the past year documenting the project area, fighting to get data requests fulfilled, and working with local allies. But it was the intensive diverse opposition to logging at LBL that grew throughout 2015 that brought us to this point.

The decision to withdraw Pisgah Bay is a tremendous good-faith move by LBL Supervisor Tina Tilley as she responds to our coalitions’ demands that management at LBL change to better reflect the desires of the public and the promises made when the land was taken to create a national recreation area.

This victory is not the end of our collective work at LBL. We are working toward a change in the Area Plan and practices at Land Between the Lakes that eliminate or sharply reduce the amount of logging, while supporting recreation, historical preservation, and focused restoration of rare plants and communities.

Thank you to all of our members, volunteers, and other supporters who helped make this exciting victory possible. If you believe in this work and want to see it continue, please consider joining Kentucky Heartwood by visiting our website using this link. We are a very small group and even the smallest donations help us a lot.

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For the Forests,
Your friends at Kentucky Heartwood

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