Frontline Fights Continue in Many States

By Myke Luurtsema
In April 6, 2018

The news is coming across our feeds fast, and changes so quickly, we wanted to send you the most direct way to stay involved with what is happening on the ground. Our forest lands are under more threats than before. It’s not just logging, fracking and pipelines are fragmenting our forest, and exacerbating climate instability. Plus, we have two comrades who could use a little help.

Follow the links to the fights that are happening across the Heartwood region that would appreciate your help by sharing and reposting their social media posts and help support their campaign.
  • Lloyd Clayton is one of Heartwood’s most dedicated supporter of our work is in need of our help. Lloyd had a stroke and fell, and will require 24/7 help for the foreseeable future. for updates, please follow Lloyd’s Facebook page. To donate to his care:
  • Help for Happi: Some of you may have met Happi at the 2016 Reunion or the 2017 Forest Council. Happi is currently being held captive by the U.S. Empire around his traditional Lakota homelands (so-called Bismarck, North Dakota). He is in Burleigh / Morton County Detention Center.The bail is set at $7,000. He wants to get out now. These funds will be used for bail and legal costs. Friends, family and relatives from all directions, please DONATE as soon as possible! As a frontline warrior, he took courage during the #NoDAPL struggle by putting his body in front of earth-destroying construction equipment and stood up for his people. Happi continues to inspire with his humble and happy spirit. Donate to Happi’s bail fund. For more info and to send Happi a note of solidarity, please visit
The Frontline: the best way to stay up to date, follow these hashtags, like their pages-
Appalachians Against Pipelines, VA
Defending Appalachia from the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and more.
Three Sister Camp, VA– Resistance camp in so-called Virginia along the route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.


Twitter: @3SistersCamp
Camp White Pine, PA
Camp White Pine is a forest defense camp resisting Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 Pipeline, which plans to transport natural gas liquids through OH, WV, and PA to an export facility on the east coast.
Support the Legal Fund:
Farmlands Fighting Pipelines, VA
Family Farmlands along the route of the Mountain Valley Pipeline are fighting back. This is a collection of stories of resistance against extraction. DONATE TO:
L’eau Est La Vie Camp, LA
The L’eau Est La Vie Camp is protecting the water, Cypress Swamps, and way of life from the Bayou Bridge Pipeline
Keep Wayne Wild, OH
Protecting the Wayne National Forest from Fracking and subsequent harms. This group is currently involved in litigation to stop the leasing of public lands to the fracking industry.
Kentucky Heartwood, KY
South Redbird Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project, a massive logging project, threatens endangered darter.
Cherokee National Forest, TN– Litigation against the USFS begins, conservationists file lawsuit over logging plan.

If you know of other frontline issues needing a spotlight and little more Heartwood love, please send us an email at