SEE YOU SOON at THE 25th Heartwood Forest Council!

By Heartwood
In May 21, 2015
SEE YOU SOON AT THE 25th Heartwood Forest Council!
We look forward to meeting with you at the 25th Anniversary Heartwood Forest Council, Holding the Circle, Tending the Heart, May 22 – 25th at the Lazy Black Bear in Paoli, IN. Below are some important things you should know about the event.
*If you have not paid for registration already please be prepared to pay at the gate. Please check our registration page to budget what you will need. Cash or check is accepted. REGISTER HERE:
* Linens for the cabins or Airstream/vans if you have registered for one.
* tent or vehicle set up for camping
* sleeping bag/ ground pad/ tarp for under your tent
* flashlight/ headlamp
* camp chair/ folding chair
* RAIN GEAR – rain jacket, poncho, umbrella
* warm clothes / fleece jacket – it gets cold at night
* clothing that is appropriate for engaging in field trips and hiking/ outdoor activities.
* BOOTS!!!!!
* sunscreen/ bug stuff – Fragrence free!!!
* reusable/ re-fillable WATER BOTTLE
* travel mug (though mugs are on site)
* Musical instruments
* Costumes for the Parade! Masks, mask making items and fun kids items
* Toiletries
* any specialty foods you may require
* notebook/ journal & writing utensil – Poetry workshops and note taking materials
* personal medicines(Stinger allergies – epi pen and Benadryl, not expired)
* Updates from your region about the issues and organizations you are involved in
Heartwood would like to create a safer space and suggest no drugs, and no weapons policy.
Please do not bring your dog to camp. There are friendly dogs that live at the Lazy Black Bear but they don’t get along with new dogs.

Paoli is 50 miles south of Bloomington on Highway 37 and 50 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky, on US Highway 150. ****From Paoli: Go 2.5 miles south on Highway 37. At the first crossroads (watch for a brown and white sign that says: Hoosier National Forest Youngs Creek Horse Trail), turn right on CR 250 S. ****After you turn on C.R. 250 S: Go west 1 mile. Watch for another horse trail sign. Turn left (south) on County Road 50 W; go past the horse camp (one and a half miles). Go straight through the open gate to the Lazy Black Bear. ****From I-64: Take Highway 37 North exit to English. Go 13 miles past English. Watch for a brown and white sign that says: Hoosier National Forest Youngs Creek Horse Trail. Turn left on CR 250 S (look for blue & white mile-marker 52) then follow directions above.

*Heartwood maintains zero tolerance regarding any form of abuse, sexual harassment,
intimidation, assault, discriminatory language, oppressive behavior, exclusion, or marginalization.
*Heartwood’s members have respect for others’ physical and personal boundaries, opinions,
beliefs, and differing points of view.  Heartwood members will trust, respect, and acknowledge
each other’s experiences, not making assumptions about others’ experiences.
*Heartwood believes in the safety, health, respect, and wellbeing of all of its members, all of the
*Heartwood believes, honors, and trusts survivors, respects their voices, and acknowledges their
*Heartwood will deal promptly with any perpetrators of above-listed violence.  Heartwood will
insist that perpetrators acknowledge and make amends for any violations that impact the safety
and wellbeing of other Heartwood members.  Heartwood will not make or accept excuses for
hurtful behavior, and will expect perpetrators of such behavior to actively work to resolve
situations, always respecting the requests of the survivor.
*Active steps will be taken immediately to protect the physical and emotional safety of children
when potential abuse is observed, or is alerted by either child or parent/guardian.
*Heartwood members will share time and space in circles, workshops, and meetings, not
dominating or interrupting each other.  Heartwood members are expected to think before
speaking or acting, and will strive to not offend others, especially when telling questionably
appropriate jokes or stories or when drinking alcoholic beverages.
*Heartwood promotes a culture that is constantly questioning itself, growing, and learning;
Heartwood discourages stagnation and assuming that we’ve “got it all figured out.”
*Heartwood Core Council members shall have the responsibility to enforce this policy, err on the
side of caution, and immediately, temporarily, or permanently remove any person violating this
policy from Heartwood Community events.
Please help us create a safer space for all to gather and contribute to the amazing work that Heartwood has been accomplishing for over 25 years!
If you have any further questions about the event please contact Becky at 812-307-4326

People helping people protect the places they love.