Heartwood MiniGrants for the Fall of 2015 Apply NOW!

By Heartwood
In June 25, 2015

Heartwood MiniGrants for the Fall of 2015
Apply NOW!

Application Deadline: September 1st, 2015

Mini-Grant Recipients Announced: October 1st, 2015

Award range: Up to $1,000 per project

About Heartwood Mini-Grant Program:

The purpose of the mini-grant program is to provide funding for activists who need it. The Mini-Grant program seeks to provide funding for creative efforts and ideas fomented by Heartwood members and member-groups. Efforts and ideas could range from Heartwood’s roots as a forest protection organization to current efforts to stop mountain-top removal, fracking and biomass projects to sustainable living projects to new ideas we have not considered at this time. Ideas and efforts that are quantifiable (e.g. actions taken, phone calls made, letters written and sent, websites on-line, films made, meetings held) and work to sustain and expand environmental activists in the Heartwood region will be considered.

Grant Guidelines: Grants will be awarded to selected projects that aim to do one or all of the following:

• Educate the Heartwood Region about an environmental threat or opportunity.

• Take action within the Heartwood Region to protect, restore, and/or create environmental integrity.

Issues may include, but are not limited to:

• Sustainable communities (this is a broad topic from food issues to air to water to infinity and beyond)

• Forest protection (this could be on-the-ground work in the forest, building a campaign, mapping, etc)

• Energy extraction or Climate mitigation (such as it pertains to healthy forests and communities, such as biomass incineration, mountain top removal coal mining, and natural gas hydrofracking)

All projects should contain one or all of the following elements:

• Public outreach

• Education

• Organizing

• Media

How to Apply

To receive an application, and to submit an application contact us at info@heartwood.org.  MiniGrant applications must be received by September 1st, 2015. You will receive an email confirming your application and will be notified of the award by October 1st.

Project Review

Upon completion of your project, you will be required to complete a brief project report, due January 1, 2016. A report form will be provided with instructions.

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